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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Subtle Message of Love

Remember that one post about 'blind impressions'? Here is a card I made with that technique.

It is called 'A subtle expression of love'. (Seemingly random words when spoken aloud sound like "I LOVE YOU".)It was inspired by too many games of MADGABS* at my friend Cindy's house a few years ago.

Details: Is is a flat A2 (4.25x5.5) card, printed in colorless ink on smooth white 120 lb. paper, and of course paired with a 'Persimmon' Paper Source envelope

**madgabs game explanation  "...set of unrelated words. When you read them aloud, they sound like familiar phrases, names, places etc. For example, "Europe Lace Score Mind" sounds like "Your Place Or Mine" once you say it out loud."

I think the card is perfect for Valentines Day or just an excuse to say, “I hope you can see how much I love you.”, “Am I making myself clear?”, etc. 

Oh, and about flat cards, folded cards kind of bug me, soooo much paper which I feel obligated to fill up. My handwriting is TINY, so that can be a LOT of writing. I like a flat card, you can leave a quick note on the front with the image or fill up the back if you have a lot to say. Usually I only want to write a few lines. A flat note is perfect for that. 

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