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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Blind Martini

 So when you print with either NO ink or a COLORLESS ink (aka tint base), it is called a 'blind impression', because you get an impression, but no visible ink. Comprenez-vous?  

Since I learned about it, I love to use it for special effects. Take for instance this soirée invite. While my husband was taking photos for me, I made him give me props for how sexy it is that the martini glass is a blind impression. 

This is for a party that I gave for my birthday one year. I love mocktails (because I don't drink alcohol, but I love the idea of cocktails) and I love to have little parties. It is my considered opinion that you create the 'mood' of the event from the get-go, with your invitation. Sure e-invites are easy and free, but who saves those for a scrap book, and wouldn't you get WAY more excited for a party where you got a real invitation? I know I have a bias. 

Details: Mohawk paper - (I think) it is nice and thick with a super smooth finish. I used basic white envelopes.  Inks: Gray, green, and blind.  Ink (BTW I have a hard time spelling gray and/or grey because I lived in England for a while AND I have cousins with the last name of Grey. I can just never get the spelling right), probably COOL GRAY 9, PMS 383, and tint base. The font is called Mistral. I use it a lot. 

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