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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hell's Orchard

 I made these cards for Hell's Backbone Grill. They want to have an orchard, so I made these cards to sell for the proceeds to go towards it. You can buy some if you go there to eat, and not only get some cards, but help support local agriculture. 

The food is really, really good.
My friend Kendall helped with this project by getting all the envelopes for a thousand notecards. Sheesh, that's a lot of notecards to print. 

These were printed on Cranes Lettra (100% cotton) paper, PEARL WHITE. I like envelopes from Paper Source best. This set has chartreuse envelopes

I have no idea what color of ink I used to match. I think I started around PMS 611, then monkeyed with it until I liked the match to the envelope. 

The photo makes it look a little more yellow than in real life, but it is a very yellowy-green. 

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